ZigBee Pro Stack

ZigBee Pro Stack as a Work for Hire
San Juan Software can provide a ZigBee Pro Wireless Networking Stack which matches the latest ZigBee Pro Specification (r21) to semiconductor companies. The ZigBee Pro Stack forms a foundation for the ZigBee Light Link, Smart Energy 1.x, Health Care, Building Automation and Home Automation profiles.

San Juan Software can provide a custom made ZigBee Pro Stack as a work for hire. Our experience in providing ZigBee Pro stacks combined with applications across various stacks to major semiconductor and OEM customers uniquely positions San Juan Software to design and implement the best solutions to fit your needs.

“Freescale worked closely with San Juan Software to develop our current ZigBee® pro stack and we work with them for key customer training and
consulting activities”
, explained Brett Black, Wireless Connectivity Operations Manager at Freescale Semiconductor.


ZigBee Pro Stack Block Diagram