Case Study: Man Overboard Alarm Systems

If a crew member falls overboard on a ship or boat at sea, how quickly they are missing directly correlates to survivability. Often, the crew member is not missed for 30 minutes or more. If the boat retraces its path, it still might not locate the crew member due to currents, winds and other factors. Mobilarm created CrewSafe, a Man Overboard System (MOBS) that contacts each crew member every 2 seconds (1). If it misses a signal from a crew member for 10 seconds (2), an alarm sounds (3) the location is logged (4) and recovery starts (5&6)

Mobilarm contracted San Juan Software to create their highly reliable, proprietary wireless networking stack and application.

See Mobilarm Crewsafe - Brochure 2010

Mobilearm Crewsafe Brochure

Sailing Ship

Case Study: Enhancing Aircraft Passenger Experience

Case Study: Optimizing Forklift Battery Life

Battery powered forklifts in Ikea stores and other locations eliminate exhaust fumes, but can be expensive to maintain. How do you optimize the overall life of batteries that cost more than the forklift they are powering?

The solution is to create a mobile network that allows the forklifts to communicate with each other, the complex charging systems and the internet. In that way, many factors can be analyzed and each forklift can be recharged at the point where the battery life is optimized, while still making sure that there are sufficient forklifts available to meet the predicted demand at any particular time in the usage cycle.

This is especially challenging due to the dynamic structure of the network. San Juan Software worked with Micropower Group to provide a reliable wireless networking stack and application to solve this problem.

Optimizing Forklift Battery Life

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