Internet of Things and Aerospace Services

In a world where sensors are inexpensive and deployed all around us, sensor and control networks will allow us to conserve resources, enhance quality of life, increase safety and improve processes and profits. These networks are becoming a central part of the Internet of Things, which will encompass trillions of devices, used in new ways for new purposes that will disrupt industries and create opportunities for new market leaders to arise. Let San Juan Software guide you through the ever changing landscape of IoT products and opportunities.

Our Services

Based in Seattle, serving the global IoT market, our integrated engineering team of Software, Firmware and EE engineers provides consulting and services focused on device applications and connectivity for technology companies.

Sensor and Control Networks

We know the specifications, stacks and tools because we have used them, implemented them and even helped to create them. Since 2004, San Juan Software has taken various leadership roles in the Zigbee Alliance. We have written and collaborated on stacks and application profiles for semiconductor companies. We have implemented a wide variety of wired and wireless protocols for the IoT including Wi-Fi, BLE, Thread and more on a wide array of platforms.

Cloud Services

We can help you with cloud services on AWS and Azure. Fog Computing brings more intelligence to the local network for faster response and greater reliability. Even when internet connections are down, data can be aggregated, then uploaded and analyzed later for improved predictability and secure data storage.


Our engineering team has extensive experience in adding IoT solutions in aerospace. Whether it’s managing Software Lifecycle Data for DO178C compliance or using ARINC 429, 717, ACARS and other communications protocols, we have the skills and experience to bring your products to market.

Design Review and Consulting

Our team can discuss your product idea, suggest hardware features that might be helpful or suggest ways to cut costs and point out other considerations prior to locking in product designs.

Software Engineering

With many years of low-level and embedded software experience, the experts at San Juan Software can meet your IoT software application development challenges, save you money, reduce the learning curve and help you get the right product to market faster.

Firmware Engineering

We have expertise with bootloaders, low power, and over-the-air updates. We have an integrated team of CS and EE engineers for board bring up and other firmware needs.

Test and Verification

Our engineers can scope, implement and run a test and verification plan based on your market expectations, certification needs and other factors, to give you sufficient coverage. With access to test suites and harnesses available only to members of the standards organizations, much of the work may already be done.

We Ask Why

San Juan Software takes the time to understand the "why" in your product specifications, ensuring you get exactly the solution you need, with emphasis on the aspects important to you. We develop a proposal designed specifically to suit your needs for each project, and pride ourselves in completing the work in a quality and timely manner. San Juan Software can work with you in finding the best solution to fit your needs in terms of cost, schedule or features.

Part of Your Team

Companies all over the world are being challenged to do more with fewer resources. By focusing on your core functions and sourcing software development services from San Juan Software you can reduce risk, add value and improve your time-to-revenue.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“San Juan Software’s engineer was able to take our development source code and within a few weeks most of the issues were resolved. The end result was we had an efficient high density network structure that could handle the hundreds of routers and hundreds more endpoints…exactly what we were looking for.”

— Mike Mahoney, IgeaCare Solutions Inc.

“Because of their strong industry connections and experience, San Juan Software were able to overcome a number of deep bugs that would have been showstoppers for us. We have been very pleased with their professionalism / quality and work very well with them.”

— Jun Shimada, ThinkEco, Inc.

“The team at San Juan Software is great at identifying needs, scoping out the project and meeting deadlines. I would definitely work with them again.”

— Andrew Poliak, Vice President, Panasonic

“For more than 10 years, [the Management Team at San Juan Software] have been always listening to the requirements in Japan and helped us with their outstanding creativity in both technology and business sense.”

— Hiro Kato, President, A.I.Corporation

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